Tatum Gale ‘Both’ : A deep seeded empathy and understanding, easily slips past his mind and into our musical atmosphere.

Tatum Gale

Light melancholic vocals and a beat that blooms out of delicate melody. This is a lo-fi sad boy bedroom sway. It’s about ambiguity in sexuality. It’s heavily James Blake influenced.

Brooklyn-based composer, producer, and songwriter Tatum Gale releases his sophomore EP ‘Both’, a four-track offering that focuses on the transient relationships and fleeting feelings inherent to young adulthood.

“The EP (out now) is meant to be about ambiguity,” Tatum said. “Trying to maximize and minimize yourself at the same time, or recognizing true love in a friendship, or trying to define your place in a series of spectrums.”

Disparate influences, ranging from Against All Logic to Toro y Moi to James Blake, coalesced to inform Tatum’s artistry, and the end result is a sonic scrapbook, one that renders internal monologues (“idm,” “d r e a m l i k e”) and intimacy (“Joanna”) in thoughtful, groove-focused form. Previously described as “perfect listening for a small kickback… or a dissociative episode in the club” by The Deli Magazine, Tatum molds Both into a progressive, synth-friendly project for bedroom dance parties and contemplative late nights.

We’d said of Tatum prior, this way: “Of the wonderment and extrapolation that bursts between the Universe between our distant lips. Enveloped by the glow of your hair, your bright face, your unadulterated sex…it is you and I, and the next realms of joy, happiness, and the everything… Love, horror, disappointments, excitement – all have a place – a possible place in the footprint of YOU.”

Tatum amazes with his finger to the pulse acrobatics in melancholic beautification. A deep seeded empathy and understanding, easily slips past his mind and into our musical atmosphere.

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