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Tatum Gale // Liu Bei // Dayton James // Zine Yaala // Ambient Endeavors

Tatum Gale – BLUE HAZE

Talking with you makes me wonder. Of the wonderment and extrapolation that bursts between the Universe between our distant lips. Enveloped by the glow of your hair, your bright face, your unadulterated sex…it is you and I, and the next realms of joy, happiness, and the everything. In this “end of summer’ groove from TATUM GALE is a fleeting announcement for what good has happened and what else will come our way. Love, horror, disappointments, excitement – all have a place – a possible place in the footprint of YOU. Tatum wants us all to celebrate that ‘unknown’ and the ‘possible’, ‘just around the corner’.

Liu Bei – Lost Nerves

‘Lost Nerves’ is the new single by London artist LIU BEI, following a 4 year hiatus. His debut ‘Infatuation’ was released via Trangressive Records in 2014. Since then he has become a much demand collaborator for electronic artists including Solomun, Way Out West, and Rafeal Cerato. But he’s returned, and with scintillatingly good looking vocals, his wears are demonstrated once more in ‘Lost Nerves’ as he taps, taps, taps at he new streams of consciousness through it. Let’s hope he doesn’t take another 4 year hiatus for other projects, again. Let’s listen and enjoy.

Dayton James – Already Won

“This was THE song that created DAYTON JAMES, the song that made me embark on this project,” exclaimed the creator. “I was in the Studio with Tee (the producer) and an Artist, working on her project. I suggested a lyric idea, and She responded ‘I wouldn’t say that’. 9 times out of 10 when writing for other artists they don’t take from their own vocabulary and brain and leave it up to me to decide for them. So when she said that I had to take a step back. It had me thinking, ‘I wonder what it would be like to be able to take my own stories but actually write them for myself. So when She left the session, I voiced this to Tee and we decided to try it out, the first thing we made was ‘Already Won’. Recording this was surreal because before this moment, I would vocal songs in the style of the artist I would be trying to pitch it to, this time I had to sing it in my style, something I had no idea of. I was about to find out…” ‘Already Won’ is a beautiful r&b/soul framed ballad for the ‘one’. For whom, love is given meaning. For whom, makes your world feel right for the first time. Let’s hope we all can feel that again, or at least for the first time.

Zine Yaala – Endless Cycle

“I’m Zine Yaala, a previous contestant on The Voice and a graduate from Abbey Road Studios in London. This song is about getting your revenge on your enemies and becoming “The mean guy “. It’s a featuring with a female singer Same.” It hurts at first. It hurts like the world is against you. Actually, the world might have been really against you. Then, one day, your teeth grinding, you turn into the one that you’d promised not to become. But it doesn’t hurt any more. And you continue to be the one ‘inflicting’. If felt really good. But it was temporary. Now it hurt even more, because the world turned on you again. Your passions blinded; your heart blackened – will there ever be a return to your original self? There’s never a full recovery, but we can try. ZINE YAALA brings words and notes together to make sense of it all – of his world – of the life that has guard-railed his immediacy. His story, is ours – for all of us.

Ambient Endeavors – Ogden

Andrew Schibilla is the man behind AMBIENT ENDEAVORS. It travels through indie and atmosphere, and the fields of dreams that maybe long ago, Sting had mentioned. But it’s here. Here in this golden paradise of notes and emotions, dangled by the antithesis of coldrens, bubbling beside regrets and opportunities. The haze of glory, is the marker for all of the failures. The gleaming tower that we see in the far off distance, is gapped by the dangers of the here and now. Will we be able to traverse such distances. Manifest destiny of the heart can be a furness of fear and hope; and love and war of the inner embrace. Fields of dreams are certain. Let’s step first into that wild future. Inspired by the music and emotion of artists such as Hammock, Explosions in the Sky, and Lowercase Noises, Andrew released his first track Afar in March of 2018.


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