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Tatyana Kalko // Alexander Vincent // Les Big Byrd // Racket Man // I Am Snow Angel

Tatyana Kalko – Okay, I Give Up

Hokey-pokey, you said you loved me. That’s the feel and vibe of TATYANA KALKO’s single ‘Okay, I Give Up’ throws at us. The fun and feverish commentary on why we, as humans, act in such contradictory ways. Loving someone, could mean pushing them away; caring for someone says that you need to be sure that you’re comfortable in your own skin, first. We’re not perfect, we all have degrees of short-comings and doubts, so we should be the best we can be for the gal or guy we want to be with the rest of our lives. At least that’s the theory. Until that ‘perfection’ happens, let’s listen to Elvis Costello inspired single by Tatyana. Heck, it just might do the trick.

Alexander Vincent – Everything

“Everything, is my realization that all those profound, beautiful moments that you share with your lover are now being shared with someone else.” Trepidation of feelings, regrets, and woes, warp around the synth cast lyrical mood of ALEXANDER VINCENT’s single ‘Everything’. As you bite your lips in disgust about how the relationship had progressed, part of you died in the moment when that bond was ultimately broken. In disgrace and dowsed in humiliation, your brain becomes comfortable in the turmoil of thoughts and memories, of the good times. By way of Toronto, the Los Angeles based artist pinpoints once certain feeling, into several minutes of emotions, dissecting realities from the inner and the outer.

Les Big Byrd – A Little More Numb

Pushing the envelope in their own way for a long while, LES BIG BYRD, shows off their stuff in a TapeTown live session. The band radiates the kind of constance in energy through their thought provoking lyrics and solid rock n’ roll sensibilities. The new single form their 2nd album ‘A Little More Numb’ is the band’s take on a sliver of the world which influence and mix their world view. Let them host that concert in your head, for their aim is to entertain you. Let the band do their thing, in rushing your soul into that near future. Let them ring 2019 in with a bang. Rock on.

Racket Man – a bit more obscure

Rush job? Heck no. Even if it took just a day, RACKET MAN’s single ‘A Bit More Obscure’ is the indelible voice you had since you were young. And that voice tells you that there’ ‘no place like home’ today, as for the casserole would be done and finished by the time you finished work at your job. There’s no denying that you love your meat casserole. The ‘crockpot of love’, you’ve always told yourself. Were you in love with your crockpot? Maybe. But you dare not tell your girlfriend about that. A love triangle isn’t in the cards right now. RACKET MAN is a combination of several guys from Cleveland who make things happen with sound making tools. They’re glorious to hang with, between your headphones. You should too.

I Am Snow Angel – I Love You

Julie Kathryn is the force behind the concept project I AM SNOW ANGEL, and the vet producer comes bearing gifts of emotions wrapped up in amber glow. Well at least that’s how we feel about her single ‘I Love You’, for it feels like a song that is of a beating heart, which is waiting for the right owner to come along and own. Off of the upcoming new album ‘MOTHERSHIP’ (January 25th), Julie self produced, engineered and mixed while voluntarily isolated in a cabin off in the wintery Adirondack woods. And surely, in this single we can feel that wonderful isolation, for the suggested harmonies replicate the unbound strength of human interactions that we savor each day.


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