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Tawings – Listerine

Tawings’ Listerine is a throat punch when one wakes up 4 in the morning. Senses are not up to par yet, neck is dry, hair messed up, and your back hurts from the curve in your spring mattress.

All of the above mentioned aren’t inherently bad. But the combination. Yikes. It’s a quote-unquote ‘wake up call’.

It’s raw, unsophisticated, un-refined – and it’s glorious!

The garage band theme is sometimes a novelty. But sometimes (and what we mean is just sometimes) a band that calls itself a garage band, certainly has the chops to take that mark on.

Tawings is based out of Tokyo Japan and they are weirdly good. They stuck to our skin like slice of bologna slapped on with peanut butter (the non chunky kind).

It’s that dynamic.

Overall, it shouldn’t be. But the jumble of lyrics and “off-keys”, just mesh very well, with the sophomoric vocals they relish.

We dig it and the gals in Tawings. You should too.

They’re rep’ed by Burger Records.



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