TAWINGS ‘POODLES’ : You just can’t have only one…. poodle.

Never mind your affection for Maltese or Labradors.


Yea they know what’s up. And they know you’re that weird too. Cause they know that we all know, that they are fab.

It’s a venerable family of oddities, weirdos, and adoring fans now and to be.

Can’t be better than that, no?

Anywho, the gals from Japan, originally formed in 2016, is here and proud and dropped recently their self titled first album.

With it a small mark in history had been formed, as the dynamic assertion of the gals, come off like crazy, as their antics of words on words, parry with gumption and didactic vitriol. Sometimes you just are confused as to where you belong, while listening, but in your gut, it just feels ‘oh so good’.

Like a tummy of goodness, after the best birthday party of your life, you return to a place of a 10 year old and candles and friends in the yard, out back.

A glistening of rhythms, staggered by glitchy guitar play and bedlam list of lyrics, it all coalesces into a march for smile and giggles, as the song just keeps you dancing to your own beat.

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We had a good time✌︎

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Of course, that beat was from Tawings, and you’d just listened to it – it still becomes your own, as you tell yourself, “Phew. I needed that”.

Like that cold beer after a long day.

Like that deep tissue hug from your guy.

Like that kiss from that poodle you’d just dreamed of getting after this song.

How the world turns, eh?

You can’t resist the urge that splurges from the talents of this trio.

Don’t resist.

(You can try, but this song will draw you back in a la Pacino).

Word, yo.



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