Taylor Bradshaw ‘Laura’ : “When I sang this for her, she told me she loved me for the first time.”

Taylor Bradshaw

Taylor Bradshaw. Talented, eclectic and dynamic, he opens up with his varied experiences via song and wills us to smile, laugh, cry and always evoke into vibes emotions.

“‘Laura’ is a love song written for a lover in Los Angeles from a man in New York,” said Taylor. “We’re separated by a nation, and I wonder what I would even do with myself if she were always near. The lyrics tie into the music – the “swelling sound” of our love is accompanied by the swell of guitars, and the “beating drum” of my heart brings in an echoing kick as a heartbeat.

Much of the fearful beauty of the song is its acknowledgement of transience. The kind of beauty that evaporates if one tries to hold onto it. And yet we are drawn irresistibly to each other, despite what stands between us.

“When I sang this for her, she told me she loved me for the first time.”

This is a single from Taylor’s album, ‘Twine’.

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My goodness what a tour that was. I just got back to NYC and have been sleeping a lot to repair my body. We hit so many strange and wonderful places, and met strange and wonderful people, new friends and old. We discovered much about what makes our band work and how we can play into that. Thank you everyone who came out to support and dance like crazy. I’ll be talking more about the tour in the coming days and how each night went. To start, Littlefield was amazing. To see so many friends on our home turf of NYC was incredible. Thank you @jude_river @drownyourboots and @the.drawing.point for joining us. The room was full of buzzing energy and incense from @melodybleak. I feel we’re at the start of something big. Cheers loves. . Video cred: @taylordanielberg . #taylorbradshaw #rockmusic #alternativerock #altrock #indie #indierock #indiemusic #rockband #nycband #music #singersongwriter #folkpunk #nyc #newmusic #livemusic #songwriter #singer #alt #alternative #albumrelease #albumreleaseshow #concert #brooklyn

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I’m very proud to announce that my new album Twine is released today. The process of creating this saw a lot of deep lows and soaring highs in my life. Repeating patterns and personal growth. I think I’ve been at least five different people throughout the time I was creating this. I’ve gained and lost a lot of love, and I’m ready to share this album with you all. . Thank you so much to all my friends and family for all the support throughout it all. This is just the beginning, and I think it’s the beginning of something big. You’ll be hearing a lot more from me now. Cheers, and let’s get this party on. I’ll see you tonight New York. . Thank you @jonshiffman @derekswink @pravinthompson @condorbass @zeganaudio @juliangiaimo @wolfhammer @jared_raisin @the.drawing.point @jennyb451 @iammissesnezbit @wiinzta @sonicartscenter

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