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Taylor Kingman – My Lover’s Bed

“Divided by the party lines, the dejected writing on the wall canceled itself out of the universe. It was a pity.” Taylor Kingman’s My Lover’s Bed is a reminder of soft spoken loves, not perfect, and residual admiration for the little and the realization.

It’s a great way to start a day.

Kingman’s description, seemingly simple, expands on his memories and non-memories.

The thoughts, in the past environment – in the isolated confinements – nothing can be done. And he know’s so.

It’s a swell of waves, conducting light and wisdom – parallel to the mindful inkling.

“What a time to be alive…in this several minutes…together”

“It sure is” she told him with a look.

Agnes was torn for that cloud to fold and disappear.
She was the positive one.
Anxious and quixotic, painful of her remembrance.
Crying within, not showing a tear.
A tortured level, she agreed to be.
And she goes on.

Kingman’s rep’ed by Mama Bird Recording, out of Portland Oregon. It’s a doozy of a label.

His new solo album ‘Wannabe’ officially drops November 17, 2017.

Looking forward to more.




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