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Taylor Piggott // Petticoat // Kaien Cruz // Isaac Dunbar

Taylor Piggott – Dreams (Midnight Version)

TAYLOR PIGGOTT extracts the essence of a love-begotten, in his folk driven pop single, ‘Dreams (Midnight Version)’. “Dreams is all about the people you’ve let go from in life but there memory is still always there, a constant reminder of what could have been.” Word Taylor. The 23 year old singer/songwriter gets it right with depicting how we human beings work in our chemical make-up, whether at ‘fault’ or ‘benefit’. Ultimately, as Taylor summarizes, it’s what makes us all, very interesting – even when we cry a bit at the missed opportunities in love.

Petticoat – Whip

PETTICOAT is experimentation to a level of sensuality, from another Alien World. Close your eyes, and get swept into ‘Whip’, a decadent stack of sundaes, melting at your own body heat, soaking in the energies of past memories and future opportunities for delight. Is she that opportunity? Is he that opportunity? It’s rare that CHF features a pure electronica single, but there are times we all should feature it, in our hearts. Have at it.

Kaien Cruz – Dangerous – Music Video

“I wrote ‘Dangerous’ during a very frustrating time in my life,” said KAIEN CRUZ. “I’d just realised that a lot of people in this industry that I thought had my back, actually didn’t. So this song is about those people and and other things in my life that I thought were good for me, but were only holding me back.” Live and learn, is the forging of attitudes and actions. You get stronger. And Kaien, has done the same. But she has music as an outlet to help us relate. We’re glad, for ‘Dangerous’ just sticks in your head like super-glue. Something about it right? The right mix of sultry, angst, and fading trepidations, makes it so.

Isaac Dunbar – blonde

ISAAC DUNBAR’s single ‘blonde’ makes it obvious that the 15 year old high-school student knows a thing or two about producing sticky pop tunes. There have been several very young future pop stars in 2018, and in a consensus, Isaac’s garnering some great support. Including from CHF. Heck yea. ‘Blonde’ is following his single ‘freshman year’ accompanies his feeling and stories, of HS freshman year. Oh we can relate.


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