Taz Von Stone ‘Sweet Love’ : A heretical torment for love that will and must be.


“This track is the third single from my forthcoming album ‘Solitude Never Comes Alone’,” said Taz Von Stone. “It’s a plea, addressed to love. The song softly ripples, slowly building up waves of emotion.”

Taz Von Stone is the alter ego of Matthijs Vanstaen (Moonbeast) with which he grants you a glimpse into his soul. He invites you on his journey, softly meandering through beats and soundscapes, powerlessly rippling on the waves of an unpredictable sea, with unannounced highs and lows.

Swinging undulations, reverberate in a calm tropical and gnostic notion for confusion. A heretical torment for love that will and must be.

Will it?

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Mates. 🖤

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