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TC Superstar Shares ‘Dana Be Mine’. “Spring is here. And TC SUPERSTAR makes it better.”

TC SUPERSTAR is the solo project of Connor McCampbell. In 2017, he’d wanted to get his songs out, and through TC Superstar, he’d released the first album ‘Masc’ through Porch Fire Records.

The frantically nostalgic 80’s synth pop, in the best traditions of Brit-synth and times leading up to the house era of the American 80’s, TCS tips a hat at the saccharine pop-ness with an underlying description into the now and the current.

In ‘Dana Be Mine’, the single continues to dig deep into that nostalgia, with upbeat mid-tempos and ‘hard-luck’ attitude that is the highlight of the song.

Catchy, pastel, sweet, synth, raw-kus – the combination of presentation and lyrical story telling is what we need sometimes in the harshness of our lives.

Love, and sentiments, colorfully brighten the horizon and we dig it, so.

Spring is here. And TC SUPERSTAR makes it better.



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