TechCrunch: ‘Lyft raises $1 billion at $11 billion valuation led by Alphabet’s CapitalG’

The Uber vs. Lyft struggle, for taxi hailing services dominance in the U.S., has finally been balanced towards for the latter.

Lyft had been, at least in the minds of the end-user public, as the ‘lesser’ brethren of the two app companies.

But with this report from TechCrunch, about Alphabet (Google’s umbrella company) has spearheaded the new round of financing, the tides are turning a bit.

The news brings strength, even more, because of Uber’s 2017 struggles with former CEO scandal, self driving OTTO business hiccups, and seemingly a stall on its UK license to do business.

Google’s Waymo (their self driving AI project) is their focus in this fight, and Uber’s own self-driving ambitions are in the way.

Either you’re on Google’s side (like Lyft), or you’re against them.

The business drama surely is heating up!


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