Ted Tyro ‘Chariots’ : Should be part of your day-to-day therapy. Dance, you fool.

Ted Tyro / Art: Cameron Lowe

“This one’s about the grip of corporate capitalism on the world and the people of the world,” said Bart Swift of Ted Tyro. “There’s some desperation like, are we at the end? Can we keep stalling the end? I tried to apply that to the famous Red Sea scene from Ten Commandments where Pharaoh’s army is charging down at the Israelites.”

Ted Tyro is a Louisville Kentucky band (featuring Bart, with Nick Roeder, Cameron Lowe) that plays bouncing, bass-led pop rock reminiscent of Talking Heads, Omni, and Unknown Mortal Orchestra.

Such lovely vibes. None-threatening. And oh so, deliberately soaked in good-times. ‘Chariots’ is exactly the example for you to start loving the grooves and rhythms of this tantalizing band.

When listening, 90 percent of your cares to fall off your shoulder. The remaining 10% is the quite trite reminder that you don’t know how to dance, but you know you just have to, when ‘Chariots’ is playing.

It’s a good-stress, as they say.

Ted Tyro, should be part of your day-to-day therapy.


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