Teen Mortgage ‘Doctor’ : There’s nothing to be indecisive about: ‘Doctor’ is your ticket to ride.

Ten Mortgage / Photo: Roxplosion

Garage punk duo Ten Mortgage spits at your sensibilities and you’re off to that grand horizon with your black boots in tow. Off of EP ‘Life/Death’, the death grip from ‘Doctor’ is everything you need to get the heebie-jeebies out of your soul and become normal once again. The world brought on the unpleasantness, and you (like all of the world) accepted such prospects as working stiffs.

But that doesn’t need to be.

With rousing rock/punk antics, highlighted by fantastical lyrical chill, the darkness isn’t that dark as you’d always though. ‘Doctor’ lingers at the pallet of taste buds galore, when the crouching tiger-like power riffs, sandpaper your inhibitions to a 10th of what brought you to indecision.

There’s nothing to be indecisive about: ‘Doctor’ is your ticket to ride.

Since emerging in Washington, DC in 2017, Teen Mortgage garnered a reputation as one of the most vitalizing live acts in the city. Armed with guitar and drums alone, the duo captivates crowds with a sonic assault bands twice their size might struggle to achieve. They carried this fervent on-stage energy with them through several tours, sharing bills along the way with bands like The Chats, Bass Drum of Death, JEFF The Brotherhood, Big Business, Ron Gallo, Mike Krol, and The Coathangers to name a few.

This video is for ‘Doctor’ was created by an artist from Turkey, Hidoyet, who constructed abstract nightmarish psychedelic fever dream to compliment Doctor’s frantic tone.


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