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TEEN RAVINE Shares ‘Bad Dream’. New Album Drops Today.

TEEN RAVINE’s ‘Bad Dream’ is a musical extravaganza. There’s no other way to put it. Combining 70’s artistic elements and the dream-pop aesthetics that we all love and desire, froths this beautifully crafted single up to the top.

And we lick it up, like there’s no tomorrow.

Nick Rose & Dan Griffin are the brains behind this project, which depicts everyday stresses and self-infused trepidations of life in a way that melts your sensibilities and hugs you when you need it.

The Toronto based indie-pop duo just knows how to use the pallet of musical tool to effect the brain of your heart.

And in the self-titled album (which dropped Aug. 31st) that journey is carefully nurtured for our little insecurities to gravitate towards.

‘Bad Dream’ is just the beginning.

We highly recommend TENN RAVINE and what they have to say in their songs.

Go on. Do it.



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