Teenage Waitress ‘The Mess You Made Me Make’ : Observes, accepts, embraces then extrapolates.

Teenage Waitress

Daniel J. Ash is the name. Teenage Waitress is the project. And with the two entities, the world seems a bit more brighter and easier to tackle.

‘The Mess You Made Me Make’ is the 2nd single from the indie bedroom pop artist, and the song was written from the “perspective of a prisoner on death row, singing to the voice inside his head.”

Creatively and for betterment, Daniel seeks to look into what makes us tick. Or at least, what we seem to aspire, in order to make us tick. The double edged, oddity of life is the petrie dish of molecules where Teenage Waitress, observes, accepts, embraces then extrapolates.

Life is odd. We should get used to it, no? Daniel would agree.

‘The Mess You Made Me Make’ is a succinct and lovable psyche bedroom fair, where things can be interpreted any way you’d like. The light and airy smile of the song, keeps you in good and warm company.

His previous single ‘I Don’t Like This Party’ is below and delivers and you should watch it as well. See below.


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