Teischa Shares ‘Hotel Pool’. “Jeweled lyrics come rushing out with galactic charisma.”

“[‘Hotel Pool’] was kind of a diary entry to myself about my first impressions of LA,” said TEISCHA. “I wrote it after a brutally hot summers day out at the roosevelt hotel in hollywood (which is definitely not my vibe), as I was sitting poolside people watching and creating this little love story in my head about the contrasts of the city. How it can allow you to feel so comfortable and at home in moments, feeling truly yourself, then so out of place, vulnerable and alone the next minute. I felt so awkward at this pool I couldn’t even get into my bathers to have a swim in the 40 degree heat. Instead I just sat there getting drunk off overpriced cocktails and watching everyone’s fake tans being washed off in the chlorine”

‘Hotel Pool’ is a beautifully made single by 22 year old artist TEISCHA. The songstress enriches each and every note in this single, with unending flavor. The spectrum of decadence in ‘Hotel Pool’ builds and builds with heightened extravagance as the jeweled lyrics come rushing out with galactic charisma.

Perth Australia based TEISCHA is a star and with maturity beyond her years deeply embedded in her songwriting, there really is nothing that can get in her way of her musical dreams. She’s demonstrated again and again, with her singles and the ‘life’ that she exudes from each.

In our eyes, she’s there already.

Always waiting for more from TEISCHA.



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