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Telephone Explosions Shares ‘Sonora’. “Defining moments, within moments.”

Dolores Fogarty and Adrian Mee are TELEPHONE EXPLOSIONS. Signals of electrons are emitted from the vibrations of the visions that the duo casts.

‘Sonora’ is the first and title single from their full-length. The lights dance in this single as the vocal harmonies dangle at the tips of honey suckles on the shores of your mind.

After hiatus in 2018 (birth of their 2nd child), the experimental dream-pop duo comes alive again with this album. And when it’s played, the single and the album palpitates to a rhythmic undulation that only can be described as a defining moment, within moments.

Hearts wide-shut, where contrasts in kindling, suffocate with the urging of the Universal religions. The religion of self and connection to the surroundings; hauntingly visceral, textured by past and future experiences.

Synths chime at the decorated darkness, to shine upon a vapid and intrinsic delight for the unpretentious. The 808, comforts the mind and body, chanting in unison, as the duo hurriedly ushers your excitable notions to the balcony of light and calm.

Stated the band: “Writing about people like Elisa Lam and Lyle Stevik inspired us to capture the wider human experience – the microcosms of despair, the joy, the fear and confusion that we have all felt.”


The duo, in the essence of capturing what they deemed to be their musical duty, formed TELEPHONE EXPLOSIONS in 2016.

That mission continues.



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