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TELETE Share Dream Weaving Love Song ‘Like Honey’.

“I wrote it after an awful breakup last year, and I remember bawling my eyes out as I scribbled down the words. But every time I sang them, they hurt less. There’s a strange comfort in saying an uncomfortable truth out loud: you take something you’ve internalized, a feeling that you carry in your stomach and chest and heart, and you push it all the way back out.” – Mai Barnes (of Telete)

Debut EP ‘Spectator’ drops June 22.

Perth indie-pop duo Mai & Hayley weaves a beautiful dream like love song in ‘Like Honey’, with charming harmonies as the central protagonist, which delight the senses.

Tripping on the light fantastic, walking, and running to be with the ones you loved. Maybe was in love with. Only on the one side – from your side. A tragedy played over and over again, throughout human existence. But always being a necessary role within society.

The living soul of insane platitudes, polemic in its deities and corner monsters. Sticking out their necks, for the hearts to be eaten – figuratively, in sadness and loneliness.

Perceive well, the teacher said. See the edges, and the middle takes care of itself.

See the details of your love, perceived love. Ask the tough questions, and the middle may take care of itself.

Love yourself, first. Then the key is handed to you.



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