Temperature Falls ‘Waves’ : Sometimes we need help from those closest to us who we love.

Temperature Falls

Temperature Falls returns for their latest alternative indie rock single ‘Waves’. The song is about how you try to keep your head above water in your every day life and in relationships and sometimes we need help from those closest to us who we love.

Camilla’s vocal adds a feel-good, uplifting feeling to the production. Paired with the drums, the vocal will give the listener a surge of energy. ‘Waves’ gives the listener a strong message that will inspire them. The contrast between sections adds another level of energy and anticipation, making ‘Waves’ engaging overall.

Comprised of vocalist/lyricist Camilla and multi-instrumentalist Ian J. Ward, Temperature Falls is a trip-hop/alternative rock duo from Oslo, Norway that blends influences including Bjork, Portishead and Pearl Jam into a brilliantly atmospheric and original new sound.


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