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TEMPESST // Delsbo Beach Club // Marco tha Gr8 // Marble Arch // George McFall

TEMPESST – Is this all that there is?

TEMPESST is that confidence you’d always wanted. The London based psych-pop/rock band sends you their love via ‘Is This All That There Is?’ Rhetorical question? Perhaps. But it’s about who’s delivering that torch, right? And when TEMPESST delivers, it is a celebration of the senses. You’re transported to another era, and you become consumed with love and empathy. You just can’t help it. As the band is at SXSW playing for their fans, current and new, we’re reminded of what music could be through their sultry vocals, penetrating impulses, and classic band qualities that make you swoon with satisfaction and thumbs up. You cannot, not like this band. The band consists of Toma Banjanin, Andy Banjanin, Eric Weber, Kane Reynolds, Blake Misipeka, and they’re a must. Since our articles for their singles ‘Feel Better’ and ‘Doomsday’ (Song of the day), we’d been big fans. You should be too.

Delsbo Beach Club – Another Day

So, there’s a band named DELSBO BEACH CLUB. There’s a single called ‘Another Day’. There’s an new EP named ‘A burger in Åkersberga’, due to drop April 26th. Coincidence? Nope. There are no coincidences when good music is the subject. And when Delsbo offers up scrumptious meals like this single, you feel that urge – that deep growl within your stomach. A primal and animalistic vibe to listen and absorb this power of goodness. Your salivary glands pump out into the ether, engorging every fiber with Erik Björklund’s vocals, driving your incredulous against the Universe. “The song is about the feeling after you’ve broken up with someone you truly care about,” stated Erik. “Someone you still want to hear from even though you know it’s impossible. That person who makes makes you sit with your Messenger app open and think about getting in touch, because you want to know what’s happening in their life but at the same time you really don’t. The feeling that you should be happy because it turned out the way it did and that you should go on with yourself and your life.” Happiness is relative. True happiness starts with recognition of the symptoms. Moving forward starts with DELSBO BEACH CLUB’s ‘Another Day’.

Marco tha Gr8 – Its a trap

Is it rap? Is it rock? Is it damned? Is it saved? Who knows. But this Japanese-Mexican heritage brain of MARCO THA GR8 wants us to be confused over that odd series of questions, while bopping up and down at the town mall – in front of Zara – feeling naughty – but hungry for some pretzels at the other side of the building. Success, in deed. “I Love creating music and its a passion,” stated this unique of artist. “I was a single father most of my young adult life so needed to put my dream on hold. Now living in LA Im working hard to make my dream a reality. I would love to share more of my music.” Marco Iwabuchi is this fabulous project, and he’s coming for us, in our dreams. At that mall of decadent assault to our senses.

Marble Arch – Gold

Yann Le Razavet is MARBEL ARCH. Sensitive, melancholic, resistant, and embracing – ‘Gold’ is the latest from the artist to date. A deliberate trek through lost childhood visions, vices, loves, and losses, Yann, graces his footprint of musical offerings with sentimental guitars, antithetic lyrical continuity, and rolling shimmer for the things that were and are important to him. ‘Gold’ is the 2nd single from his new upcoming album ‘Children Of The Slump’ (March 22nd).

George McFall – Practice

‘Practice’ is another single form George McFall’s new 9 track album ‘XIV:Surrounder’ (available now). It is one of his most dynamic in the sent songs, as it is grittier as the high-resolution lyrics pierce through, surrounded the by thumping of the instruments relegate you in a chant. The punchy rhetorical exercise, of thought in promulgation and insistence of the mind and heart of our personal being. A touch of reality, through a vessel wall in relativity. Quite the single, indeed.


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