Temple In Man ‘The Light’ : Works through the crevasses, shining with laser precision – both universal and of majesty.

Temple In Man

As unique as the distinct and rare sounds of the Amazon, Temple In Man’s ‘The Light’, bursts with color of humanity and unexpected regulations. Of soul and immediate recompense, you kneel in the height of residence and embark on an inward discussion of existence and future promises.

Dreams and reality, works through the crevasses of Temple In Man, shining with laser precision – both universal and of majesty.

“For me, listening to and writing music is very much about exploration. To explore myself and all that I contain, both the known and the unknown. In the same sense Temple In Man acts as a platform that I can use for just that – a tool for exploration without limitations. To explore the unknown is to delve into the mysteries of life. Life in itself is filled with so much mystery and magic, and it is all that mystery and magic that I try to express. Temple In Man combines the particular and universal – that which we all face and go through in life as human beings. Even though one always expresses oneself through personal experiences, Temple In Man is more about “we” and “us” then it is about “me”.”

Inclusion is another facet of Temple In Man. A predicament of longing and the mourning, both work in the balance of what we see as real.


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