Ten Kills The Pack ‘Mess’ : New EP ‘Life, Death, & Afterwards’ drops February 26, 2021.

Ten Kills The Pack

Toronto’s Ten Kills The Pack (Sean Sroka) will release his new EP Life, Death, & Afterwards on February, 26 2021.

“Mess’ derives from a stage in my life where I would try to mask really low and dark moments with drinking or whatever else,” said Sean. “My mistake with depression was trying to push past it instead of leaning into it, learning, and understanding it. The song’s not only about hiding your shit, your mess, and pretending everything’s ok, but its core stems from the heart-breaking moments of expecting its arrival and knowing that it’s all going to happen again. Which is sad, nerve wracking, and difficult. It took a really long time to write because it took a really long time to come to terms with what was happening.”

“In the Covid era, I feel fortunate to be able to translate the hurricane of this world into different forms of art. I can actually engage with my mental state and give it some relief. This was especially the case when it came to creating the video for this song.”

Blending together literate, poetic observances and incisive musings on the human condition with cunningly composed and hard-hitting song-craft and instrumentation, Sean swiftly fills gaps of story and lessons learned into sonic charms and affectionate harmonies.

His acclaimed 2019 debut release, ‘Force Majeure’, introduced his talents through the lens of a defined Toronto cityscape and its cosmopolitan hustle, bustle, beauty, and heartache.

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