Ten Kills The Pack ‘Talk My Ear Off’ : You live and die, with a wisp of whisper.

Ten Kills The Pack

Ten Kills The Pack is Sean Sroka. And this supple and granular of projects supply angles of soft and willowy divine within ‘Talk My Ear Off’. An intimacy and eloquence comes to roost in this confessional single.

His debut EP, ‘Force Majeure’, is a series of definitive moments delivered through artful songcraft and organic instrumentation as he defines “city folk” as a genre. These songs were crystallized through recording sessions held in Toronto high-rises, where the sights, sounds and shapes of the city were woven into the music.

His songs say self-pity and self-destructive tendencies only prove your human-ness; that happiness and sadness are two sides of the same coin and that healing takes time. Instead of focusing on the grandiose, he shines a spotlight on the granular, taking pause to celebrate those small moments.

The moments define you, your surroundings, your earthly preponderances.

You live and die, with a wisp of whisper.

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CliffsNotes: Not letting all this mess my shit up. Music + Vids + Show info on the way. Help each other 🙂 • Reality: It’s overwhelming to try and write something that can sum up everything going on with us and around us. I’ll be sending an update on some new music I’m so pumped for you to hear. But for now, just be safe and considerate of EVERYONE. It’s quite an easy thing to do. SO remind your friends to please do the right thing and walk out of this knowing you did your part and your absolute best. Remind them that no one is above one another (We never have been). Remind them that without even knowing, They can be a carrier. You could be a carrier. And that we are all able to seriously harm one another and each other’s families. No one deserves it. No one is above or below it to do it without knowing. On another friggin note, it’s been so wonderful to see everyone’s support for the artists out there. I’m so grateful for you and will be returning that same positive energy back right to ya! And you better accept! Rant over! Why am I yelling?!!!! Ahhhh!!!!! – Sean 📷: @vanessaheins

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