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Tender Glue Shares ‘Rudy’. “And Nothing It Seems Will Stop Him From Fulfilling His Needs”.

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In our review of TENDER GLUE’s single ‘Light’s Out’ we’d stated: “…[it] s a project that creates songs for the sake of creating. It’s a circle, as we think he’d put it. The singer/songwriter has released singles and ‘Lights Out’ is his fourth and final.”

Take it for what it’s worth, but we think that still applies to the way Tom Gluewicki approaches his song construction. Which is affectionate, tragic, and full of contrasting hope.

His latest music video for his single ‘Rudy’ is one of those examples.

We’ll quote ourselves again about Tender Glue:

“The past is the past, they say. But will the future be defined by the past? That’s not a certainty. Past performance and history can tell a lot about a behavior. It’s that ‘trust’ that is eroded and crumbled. That is what’s missing if haplessly discarded and under-managed.”

“It’s the responsibility of the individual, capped by the reply of the surrounding groups he/she engages. It’s an interwoven world. After hacking away the noise and ignorance, we learn and come out stronger, smarter, fitter. What we do with that, it’s up in the air.”

Tom is an artist with a self-indicted mission. And nothing it seems will stop him from fulfilling his needs in his music.




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