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Tenderfoot – Break Apart

Tenderfoot will be releasing their debut album ‘Break Apart’ on February 2, 2018. And guess what? Today, they’ve shared the title track ‘Break Apart’ for us mortals to listen and grin over. Yep. It’s a fabulous song.

Tenderfoot, simply is a brilliant dream-folk band. The folk side of the equation just flows and oozes out of the guitar strings and the vocals of Adam Kendall Woods.

His frivolity comes through in his voice.

But the heft of what and how the feelings are portrayed are done the way it should be.

Cunning and subdued – the lyrics explore the vastness of the infinitely small. The ‘small’ which infects the memes of our said, heightened mores, day to night.

The arrangement and the timing of the notes, to the glass like skating of the cello – kept us warm, kept our hopes alive.

Our grins made were larger, because of the possibilities that are still in front of us.

The hard naked guitar strumming infected properly.

It’s glorious.

“Fall away with me, Ronda,” his arms stretched out towards the wonder of his woman.

“Come. Hold me. Hold my hand.”

She held up her arm, followed by the lengthy supple finger-like hands.

Skin to skin, they met.

The world was never more smaller, and more susceptible to the power of their love for each other.

They knew that. The world has no shot.

It was a new chapter.

“The song was initially a quiet tune written about the amount of power we put in other people’s hands to make our dreams come true, or destroy them.”

Adam’s had 2 life-time’s worth of experiences, heart-aches, and emotional rollercoasters. Through these subjects and bookmarks in his life, he’s tried to express them in his music. It’s coarse sometimes, it’s gentle, it’s empathetic, but always very critical.

However, it’s never fully cynical – for he’s also aware that things don’t last that long – even the bad parts.

Each song in Tenderfoot’s album has within it several chapters rolled into one. It just cannot be helped. We assume, once the thoughts are being written, there was only one way to express them in his music.

We think that’s the way it should be.

“The album is a constellation between these moments of turbulence and heartache, but with the hopeful glow of found family.”

We dig his efforts, a lot. And we really think you should too.

Kudos, Tenderfoot. Kudos.

The band is rep’ed by Porchlight Records, based out of Seattle Washington.

The album vinyl can be pre-ordered.



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