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Tenderfoot shares ‘Break Apart’ (Official Video)

Tenderfoot will be releasing their debut album ‘Break Apart’ on February 2, 2018. This time, the band has released the video accompaniment to the song ‘Break Apart’.

‘Break Apart’ was the first official single from the album.

Tenderfoot’s frontman, Adam Kendall Woods, walks on eggs describing the bitterness and challenges, which had to be overcome. However, the scars never dissipate and are deeply ingrained in his, and the album’s soul.

“…character cannot escape the emotional weight and trauma handed down generationally. The colored light and memory become heavy and cause him pain and discomfort…in the end, a bright white light expels the memories and the character can begin to move forward as a sovereign self.”

Adam’s had 2 life-time’s worth of experiences, heart-aches, and emotional rollercoasters. Through these subjects and bookmarks in his life, he’s tried to express them in his music. It’s coarse sometimes, it’s gentle, it’s empathetic, but always very critical.

However, it’s never fully cynical – for he’s also aware that things don’t last that long – even the bad parts.

Each song in Tenderfoot’s album has within it several chapters rolled into one. It just cannot be helped. We assume, once the thoughts are being written, there was only one way to express them in his music.

Full album ‘Break Apart’ out February 2nd.

Tenderfoot is rep’ed by Porchlight Records.

Order album [HERE]



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