TEOA ‘Holy Shit’ : By the possible and the probable. An anthemic project, that refines.


Heady and inspiration, TEOA’s ‘Holy Shit’ delivers in traditions that is multi-genre in emotive drive.

‘Holy Shit’ has the vibes of a western, with the emo-tinged theatrical respondence, guided by a world-music vision that tips forward with a Queen-esque understatement.

“In early 2018, I had been listening to Leonard Cohen’s album “Songs of Love and Hate” a good bit. One morning around that time, I was reading the news and dormantly mimicking the finger-picked guitar part from “Avalanche,” when I began singing in response to what I was reading, clearly out of frustration. That freestyle became the first verse for “Holy Shit,” taking a shot at the billionaires and corporations that are destroying so much for their own gain… The new verse ties the song to what’s happening now, and calls on each other to stand up at this breaking point for racial and social justice in America. “We can’t sing about something else until we all can sing about something else.”

The moods of the project is delivered by James Downes, Trevor Leonard and Brendon Thomas. The terms of the song and of the project reflects in a straight line through poetry and literature.

Heavy vibes of dissonance and discourse, are replied in full, by the possible and the probable. An anthemic project, that refines.


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