Teri Valentine ‘The Tin Man’ : Of identity, hopelessness, and apathy. Drown or float?

Teri Valentine

Off of the latest LP ‘Joyless’, Teri Valentine brings the single, ‘The Tin Man’. Teri Valentine is the solo offering from Long Beach, CA artist Brent Lindemeyer, of the garage rock band Sister Crowley.

‘The Tin Man’ wrestles with the question of one’s place in the world and sets the tone for the album’s themes of identity, hopelessness, and apathy.

With wisps of thoughts, Brent brings to a bubbling stillness, the vexing challenges of life and living to the songs he creates. ‘Joyless’ is exquisitely indie rock and surges with un-discovered vibes that are very personal and diabolically whimsical.

Graced with Interpol-esque ends of story, shame, and the acceptable inquisitions, ‘The Tin Man’ and of the LP ‘Joyless’, embraces you withe that surprising warmth you’ll love.

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“Joyless” comes out August 1st

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