Terje Torkellsen ‘Don’t Demystify’ : Decadent satisfaction in song construction is of another era and balance.

Terje Torkellsen

Taking a step forward and into the spotlight from his other bands/projects (Mats Wawa, Geetar, Palmface), Jerje Torkellsen released his debut single ‘Sean’ in 2018, a tribute to his own favorite song writer Sean O’Hagan. This single was followed up with another tribute, ‘Yani Martinelli’ in 2019.

Terje said: “being in a struggle between your own delusions and someone who claims to know all the answers”. That’s where Terje blooms. He’s sentimental and loves, what he loves. A person of certain tastes, Terje’s decadent satisfaction in song construction is of another era and balance.

‘Don’t Demystify’ continues this beautiful simplicity with maximal accounting for the things that makes this soft-rock Americana giddy in charm and vibrance.

Musically this is classic and timeless songwriting with a nod towards the kind of country music that would fit into Evan Dando and the Lemonheads catalog. In other words, music that fits perfectly into gentle spring nights and summer days in the park.

Terje brings a supple, melt in your mouth goodness to his music. It’s a beautiful interpretations of light and emotions that, in a future that may exist, looks back at the gray sky, and appreciates the current and Now, for what it’s worth.


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