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Terrace Shares Single ‘Swoon’.

The ice felt great on her neck, as she swirled the cube from her chin to the back of her upper back. The thrill of the chill, quickly made her temperatures manageable, as the humidity of the day seemed to have had a death grip on the world.

“What a day,” she sunk into the hard kitchen table. “Can’t even sit on the couch, because it’s so hot.”

As she sat there in the attempt to cool her ‘angst’ about the weather, her thoughts began to slip into the thoughts of her lover from the past. She loved him you see. But she recollects again and again, the moment she professed – and then there was ‘no response’ in reply.

She smirked at the thought. “Why do I always think about that moment when it’s summer??”

Maybe she was a sadist; a lover of self-torture and a bedeviled anarchist.

“Oh well, it was fun while it lasted”

TERRACE’s single ‘Swoon’ is a bumpy ride, traveling through a road surrounded by angles and perspectives. The interesting take on the presentation and arrangement take a bit of getting used to, but the promise is there. Listen to the beginning bars & riffs, and it should be clear.

Their upcoming EP ‘Criterion’ drops June 29th.



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