Terry vs. Tori – High Tide

Terry vs. Tori’s High Tide reflects many inconsistencies, within ourselves – when seeking deeply, intimately, inevitably. What you want, is sometimes not what you want. Painstakingly through, and so, so good – touch that guitar strokes. Dare you.

Inconceivable happenstance, revel in your actions, or actions not taken. We’re shocked. We’re frozen. Our legs become concrete, or a formless bag of potatoes, rumbling up and over each other.

That potato bag is heavy, with little forgiveness – to the future, the present, nor the past.

It sticks with you here, forever after.

What can we do?

What will our future become?

Should we care?

Would it matter?

Allergic to the scent of resistance, she rose.
From that deck of fallen pillars, she rose.
Striking down fears of dismay, she rose.
I will take it from here she said.

Chance and happenstance occur throughout a lifetime. Doing our best to judge, anticipate, or react, is what we humans should prepare to do.

It’s that, sometimes it’s just hard.

Let’s keep on fighting.

Terry vs. Tori’s an awesome band, full stop. Their take on their songs is just fabulous.

They’re rep’ed by Spirit Goth Records.

We surely dig it.


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