Tesla: Unvailing of New Semi Truck. 2 Different types of Semis.

On November 16, 2017, a new Tesla Semi Truck was unveiled live for the first time to the public. Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla to the stage in Hawthorne, California.

In the distance 2 types of Tesla Semi-Trucks rolled in. One standard sized truck comparable to current popular diesel models. The other was a smaller in-city type of truck.

Here are the facts you want to know.

0:05 Seconds from 0-60 mph, when driving the Tesla truck only.
In a maximum situation, with 80,000 lbs weight capacity (by law), Musk described that the Truck & Trailer would accelerate at 0:20 Seconds from 0-60 mph.

Musk then extended even more describing how the truck/trailer combination would work going up a hill.
In a 5% upgrade, a Tesla semi and 80,000 lbs weight trailer will be able to travel 65 mph, with no problems.

Mile Range?
There will be a 500 mile range charge available for each truck. More importantly, this 500 mile range is with the Max capacity weight taxing the vehicle. He also explained that the 500 mile range means that one can drive to and back from the delivery destination, without a recharging stop, if need be.

How is this done?
Aerodynamic design. Drag coefficient is better than a Veyron. Flaps for trailers of different types – 4 Independent motors (2 motors each for each rear axle positions of the truck) driving the truck.

Today’s diesel trucks need about 15 minutes to fill up. The Tesla semi needs only 30 minutes to get 400 usable miles charged. Musk explained, that in real world terms, a Tesla semi driver can fill up and never be out of miles – just charge up while getting the mandatory 30 minutes of break. Megachargers are available worldwide, and Musk eluded that “You will not be waiting for your truck to charge.”

Musk explained that the Tesla semi is built with “Safety for everyone”. In each production Tesla semi, Enhanced Autopilot system will be a standard in any trim. Available as well will be: Auto Emergency Braking, Auto Lane Keeping, and Forward Collision Warning. He continued and said the “Center of drier position is modern and more usable than the typical current left or right side seating. The inherent “Low Center of Gravity” of the Tesla Semi helps in “minimal rollover risk”. The CEO, also made an effort to put in bold that the Tesla Semi is programmed and built with a certain “Anti Jack Knifing” system (a system that needs further explaining, as more information comes through).

There will be a 1 Million Mile Drivetrain guarantee with a purchase. Musk said that it’s highly unlikely, for there are 4 independent motors, and even with 2 working motors, the day’s job can be accomplished. He also further exclaimed that the truck can guarantee this because there is “No transmission, emissions, scrubber, nor differentials”. The brakes are regenerative with kinetic energy storage, and the problematic “windshield glass” is taken care of because of the install of a “Thermo-nuclear proof glass”, as Tesla put it.

Other safety technology?

  • Connect to Tesla mobile.
  • Remote diagnosis
  • Maintenance Predictive
  • Location tracking
  • Communication with dispatch

So how much will it be, to buy?
As expected, the exact price was not announced, but a “Value” proposal was stated succinctly, within the Cost Per Mile scenario. Musk said that it will have the “lowest cost of ownership”. And just like his explanations with his other Tesla motor products, he explained that simply there will be an overall “20% lower cost of ownership” than currently available diesel run semi-trucks. His support is that if there is less problems and more efficiency ‘Per Mile’ of operation, there is more returned for the buck for the owner of the truck.

Convoy Technology?
But then Musk doubled down and said that by utilizing the perfected “Convoy Technology” (hitching multiple Tesla trucks to work like a row of guided train cars), the ‘Cost of Ownership’ will double, effectively making the individual truck “50% lower in cost of ownership”.

When will it begin production?

Production begins 2019, as Musk explained. The actual availability date for sale, was not specified.

After the announcement of the Tesla semi was over, and as the two types of the semi’s were rolled away. The black (smaller city to city / day cab) Tesla semi-trailer stopped. Then the lights dimmed for a bit, then went back on as a Tesla Roadster rolled out of its trailer.

A supporting announcement was about to be stated, as the Beastie Boys sound track faded.

Tesla Roadster?
Musk, in a voice of a proud father, stated that the first production project for Tesla was is Roadster. Then he announced it, that a NEW Tesla Roadster was in development, for production.

Tesla Roadster stats:

  • Base model 1.8sec in 0-60 / 4.2sec in 0-100mph / 8.9sec quarter mile
  • Will have a 250+ miles an hour top speed
  • Will have a 620 mile highway mile range – First car to reach 1000km for the first time.
  • 3 motors
  • 200 kwh battery pack
  • Removable roof
  • ‘Lots of storage’

And the kicker?

  • It will be a 4 seater.

Target availability will be 2020.

Tesla Semi
Tesla Roadster

Song featured for Tesla’s Semi Announcement event:

Beastie Boys – Sabotage

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