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Tessa Dixson – Prayer

Tessa Dixson’s Prayer is a kind of melodic hyper-sensuality, with a dose of classic synth hardness, and honesty. It actuates the our vision of what indie-pop listeners would listen to when they need a dose of pop, but not too saccharine. And that is a ‘prayer’ answered. It’s a good and big deal.

“I have tried to evoke a depth in my lyrics combined with a melancholic melody to mirror the complexity of relationships. Even though there is a certain dark quality to the song I still wanted the sound to be fresh and soulful”

Tessa’s been in the radar of many prominent bloggers and music impresarios, and we are on that wagon. There’s no doubt about her talents, and sensibilities. And that’s just a great way to start a career, no?

Prayer does her justice, and her brand makeup. It’s concise, indie, pop, accessible, and most of all, just a fab tune. Her truculent and at the same time, vibrant vocals, frame up the offering – pin pointing with a virtual index finger – the heart strings one never knew existed.

We here at CHF talk about being “taken to another place” when listening to a particular song. That means simply, that the song speaks to our minds, and whisks us to another plane, for several minutes. And those several minutes are precious and infectious. Think of aerial shot over New Zealand’s ‘bad-lands’ and in a movie intro/outro.


Tessa’s got a big future ahead of her and we are a fan, for sure. We think you should be a fan of her’s too.

She’d been signed to PIAS Belgium about 10 months ago, and looks like the fruits are bearing, as they should. Hence, she’s got this debut album/song thing going right.

PIAS Belgium knows what they are talking about when picking unique artist – just like Tessa. Keep on, keepin’ on.

Kudos, Tessa. Kudos.



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