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Thallo Shares ‘I Dy Boced’. “With harmonies profoundly glorious.”

THALLO is the project of Elin Edwards. She’s an embodiment of beauty and all that is what she deems important for her music and of souls touched. The fantastical vocal journey in ‘I dy Boced’ (title in Welsh), comes at when you really needed something to keep you at sanity’s full embrace.

Coated with the nuances of jazz and the comforting vocal attentions that bloom, vivid and tinted, dance at the tip of your tongue with glorious beauty and decadence. A tragedy of knowledge and unpretentious, Elin takes us on that path of love and unrequited facets, to do and for, how our bodies of emotions can become.

Wistful affections shine upon the notes from her words, with harmonies profoundly glorious.

The interplay between English and Welsh, puts another layer of texture, which you’d never thought you’d needed.

But you now want and can’t seem to get out of your head.

And heart.

In mind.

THALLO’s songs are beautifully expressed by Elin’s artful music and video, as you escape, for a bit to a wonderland of sights and possibilities.

Jazz in painting, framed in pop, infused in folk – THALLO captivates.



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