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Thames // Zo // JunkBunny // Paul Mosley and the Red Meat Orchestra // Noah Day

Thames – Spotlight

St. Louis based Thames’ delicious title single ‘Spotlight’ is a melancholic ballad that is contrasted deeply with uplifting collages of memories in lust and desires from a time before time. Gospel choirs with tinge of dark and purple shimmers, the track is a complete story of one soul, two souls, intermingling in a dreamy haze of a far of place. Made up of Gabriel Jackson, Sean Buchert, Connor Fiehler, Noah Gregory, and Zander Hayes. The piano heavy pop offering delivers with pungent melodies, through alt-rock and indie-pop sensibilities. See them play @ Rose Music Hall, Columbia Missouri, November 10th.

Zo – Denial in 4 & 10

“While the lyrics are open to a variety of interpretations,” said Zo, “this song is about how someone can become isolated by their beliefs or ideology. The character in this song expresses his dissatisfaction with his religion but cannot completely disavow it because of its powerful association with their identity.” Slow, pacing, deliberate, and comfortable in presenting pressures of weight and heft, Zo brings a spoken word climb to another facet of personality and salvation. Possibilities of salvation. In the zone of pain, in secret, and with the Universe. The undulating folk-blues pop offering is a swing of emotions from here to an eternity that only Zo can fully describe. With a crisp guitar solo, to top off this delight of expression, the artist casts correctly and emphatically a point of contempt of life, in his own vision.

JunkBunny – This Time

Up and coming Houston-based rock band JunkBunny debuts their new EP ‘Junk Rock’, where single ‘This Time’ comes at us with delectable and fresh feeling emo post-punk sparkles. Junk Rock features the band’s recently-released debut single “Sedona,” as well as their new song “This Time” and two additional tracks “Take You Home” (Groove Buster) and “The Difference.” The EP, produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Howard Benson (My Chemical Romance, P.O.D.), is an impressive introduction to their sound, sizzling with big, raw, urgent and relentless proclamations. JunkBunny stated: “We’re excited to release Junk Rock because it gives us a chance for people to hear some more variety in our music. These four songs all have their own identity and mean different things to us. We hope people enjoy these songs as much as we enjoyed making them!” The band is made up of teens, Mac Johnson, Cayden Diebold, and Jake Douglas.

Paul Mosley and the Red Meat Orchestra feat. Jess Morgan – Build Your Fire

The new album ‘You’re Going To Die!’ from Paul Mosley and the Red Meat Orchestra is all about grief. Paul Mosley is a singer/songwriter and composer for puppet theatre. His Red Meat Orchestra combines a chamber ensemble, a bluesy bar band, tuned percussion, junk percussion and found sounds plus amazing guest singers including BBC Radio 2 folk awards winner Josienne Clarke, Former Medieavel Baebe Esther Dee. “What will you leave behind? Will it matter? A drunken waltz with our friend Jess Morgan harmonizing beautifully as we ultimately decide that even though ‘you know in the end all of our graves go un-tended’ its alright and you do it anyway!” Simple, but complex; calming, but manic – the supple iridescence of piano driven ‘Build Your Fire’ is a constance of thought and maybe, belief that we go through every working day. Life, mortality, significance, and the energies spent on this big hamster wheel. Profound pillars of human philosophy, always peeking in and out of our psyches, with never a definitive answer. But we go on. Because as life gets layered in age and interactions, we forge forward, in spite. So, let’s laugh a little at our human fate. Why not?

Noah Day – Gravity

Noah Day’s ballad, ‘Gravity’, is his way of solidifying the impossible that he lived and lives through now. He feels lucky. He feels charmed with good vibes. He feels himself drawn to the weight of not having that someone special. The one he’s with. The one the Universe has deemed perfect for his existence in consciousness. Noah said: “I started thinking about how absolutely amazing it is that out of the entire universe I might be able to love just one wife. It hit me to feel the gravity of what it would be to fail to love her in that relationship.” A gray room, with a sofa, a chair, a TV, a stereo; marked by paintings of famous artists and their works bound to the white walls of his dwelling – he lies there with an open book from an author of a precious era. Thinking and wandering, about what his direction in fate could have been, without all of the seemingly right pieces falling into place. He closes his eyes, shutting out such none-sense. He turns to see her, and smiles in contentment.


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