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Thanks. – Your World

Your World by Thanks. (the band) delivers a unique reply to a self-imposed request in life’s why question.

But all of this is done in a quiet and polite resonance – a more powerful method in asking a question and demanding reciprocation- hold a long and large bat, speak softly.

In our eyes, Your World is presented and executed with touchable softness and brings with it a large and cuddly “fun” factor that we hadn’t heard in a long time. It straddles the saccharine-pop outcome, but just stays away and that makes it fun for us to review.

The song is repeatable, especially the first impact the bass lines present at the beginning of the song. It’s hip, chic, sexy, ordered, and R&B-ish – just enough to give all of us a taste.

We like it, for sure, and we’d recommend you have a try, as well.



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