Thatcher ‘Drink’ : Gets rid of your anxieties, as the crestfallen vibes.


‘Drink’ is the first song written by the band, out of the similar experiences of being love stricken and obsessed by someone who just plays with your time and emotions. As a result, drinking and partying seem like a very appealing release and remedy from the pain. And so this song embodies those emotions and actions.

The chorus and the bridge, with the oddly charming and effervescent r&b-like vocals, gets rid of your anxieties, as the crestfallen vibes of jazzy alternatives, gather you in a warm embrace. The qualities of the song is a pop and blues based indie-rock charmer that just soars, when you never thought it could. It’s a sleeper of a song.

Let’s see where they go, as they push forth into 2020.


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