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The 8ight x 2 ~ Sixteen Christmas Related Indie Songs to consider.

We at CHF, are fans, first and foremost. It’s a great thing. And during Christmas, we get to see a different side to bands and songwriters, who sing and do the Holidays – the way they know how.

This year is our FIRST attempt at giving you all a look at 16 Christmas-related indie songs that, maybe you’d never heard before (even if you did, we’d put this list together, so, hope you dig it).

Some had been released, some recently, some not so recently, some maybe not even considered ‘Christmas songs’- but all fabulous, weird, cool and enjoyable in their own right.

If one reads some of our pages, we love quirky and innovative and entertaining indie musicians. The more thought provoking the better, we say!

And we are surely thankful that there are so many talented and gifted artist out there.

We sure dig the efforts and hard work they demonstrate.

They all work hard to make their music, as unique and interesting, as each an every artist are in real life.

So, here are our 16 picks. The numbering is random. The picking system was random.


PS: WHAM’s “Last Christmas” is in this list, because it just fits any year’s Christmas.

Just sayin’.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from the gang here at COMEHEREFLOYD to y’all!

(X-Mas Song 1)
Lisa Prank & Seattle’s Little Helpers – All I Want For Christmas (Is To Be With You)

(X-Mas Song 2)
AJJ – Temple Grandin

(X-Mas Song 3)
WHAM – Last Christmas

(X-Mas Song 4)
val jester – Sorry

(X-Mas Song 5)
Sonic Love Eagle – Looking for the Sun

(X-Mas Song 6)
Joey Sweeney – Don’t Kill Yourself This Christmas

(X-Mas Song 7)
Bear’s Den – Agape

(X-Mas Song 8)
The Guest And The Host – Remedy

(X-Mas Song 9)
Lauran Hibberd – Eliza

(X-Mas Song 10)
Wish List by Colin & Caroline (original Christmas song)

(X-Mas Song 11)
Green Day – Xmas Time Of The Year

(X-Mas Song 12)
Joshua Jesty – Die Hard the Song

(X-Mas Song 13)
The Garlands – I Don’t Intend To Spend Christmas Without You

(X-Mas Song 14)
Health & Wellness – Little Drummer Boy

(X-Mas Song 15)
Heavy Soda

(X-Mas Song 16)
Robert Earl Thomas // It’s Christmas All Over Again (We Miss You Tom)


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