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The Absurd Shares ‘Squashing Pumpkins’. “It’s A Bumpin’ Rock-n-Roll, High Of A Time.”

On October of 2018, the gang in THE ABSURD will bring forth their rock and kick-butt attitude, will drop their new debut LP. ‘Squashing Pumpkins’ is their 3rd single to be spread wide across the Internet Universe.

And it’s a bumpin’ rock-n-roll, high of a time.

No doubt, for we don’t review music like this often. But when we do, we like it and we fully recommend you like it too.

The single has many elements you might like:

  • Gravitating vocals.
  • Extensive ‘ride’ percussion.
  • Dang-nabit, fab blues oriented solo.
  • And to keep it new sneaker fresh, some ‘political’ inserts.

For those who can see them live, lucky you.

Must be a dang good time.

Anywho, look for their LP and new singles. They warn us that this single is the ‘lightest’ of the LP.

Let’s find out together, shall we?



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