The Absurd ‘WOLF!’ : It’s a certain chess move of warnings and fever pitched amble.

The Absurd

Yea. There’s a certain aspect of your life that you need to kick into gear. And when you feel that urge, you mosey on down to the world of The Absurd’s single ‘WOLF!’. Grunge-ing flood of evocative gripes, slither on down to the grind of your soul. A bluesy rock, of which garners with absolute angst and a doubly absolute dynamism.

The first single from the upcoming album ‘The Sun Still Rises’, the band is another order of magnitude in what rock could and should be. Written about the western societies and the things that make it sully with ambiguities and challenges. It’s a certain chess move of warnings and fever pitched amble.

Part of an album recorded at Canyon Hut studios in Laurel Canyon, Los Angeles (built into the side of a house where the legendary Alice Cooper used to live), ‘WOLF!’ is one of the more straightforward songs on the record, making it the perfect candidate for a single.


Ben Foerg, Josh Loney and Colin Jensen are fab.


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