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The Alpacas ‘What Have You Done’ : Honest and genuine song that is draped gorgeous swaths of integrity and empathy.

Evoke thorough institutions of vibe and feel.

The Alpacas

“Played at BBC LIVE INTRODUCING London, ‘What Have You Done’ is about big childhood memories that leave long lasting impressions and shape us as adults. It’s about unexpected family meetings that are mentally slippery when you try to grasp them. It’s about the unanswered questions that have formed roots that go deep underground.”

The Alpacas’ single ‘What Have You Done’ is an Americana tinged indie ballad, which is born out of the best traditions of 70’s soft rock and bluegrass suppositions of making poignant and fulfilling songs. A demonstration of how lyrics, instruments, and arrangement, combine to evoke thorough institutions of vibe and feel, ‘What Have You Done’ delivers at the highest order.

The Alpacas started as a duo in November 2011, as an exciting collaboration between Romanian singer-songwriter Andrei Ionescu and Mexican guitarist Jorge Sapién, playing in various London venues. In summer of 2015 Adam Leaver (guitar), Koichi Shoji (bass), Jon Scott (drums), Misato Takeda (keys) and later, violinist Juri Uchishiba (2016) joined The Alpacas to form a full rocking band.

You can say you have figured out what The Alpacas are all about. You might say that they seem to be a band that brings the wholesome goodness of rock and folk to the fore, with expert addition of what music could be. You might be right. But there’s just more to their work – especially of ‘What Have You Done’ – that lifts your senses and helps you understand a bit more about your own existence. A palpable and visceral understatement, takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions, without the jarring execution of such a ride.

There’s manic depression in the song. There’s a textured angst that is evident. There’s an immutably salient and mysteriously vacant story telling vibe that is oh so delicious.

‘What Have You Done’ is an honest and genuine song that is draped gorgeous swaths of integrity and empathy.

We’re very much happy with that.



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