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The Amber Unit Share ‘Don’t Believe Them’. But Wipe Your Tears, And Drink More Coffee.

It’s the rough edges that got to us, with The Amber Unit’s single ‘Don’t Believe Them’. When we mean rough edges, it’s not about their technical musical aspects. It’s all about the ‘telling of the story’ and the natural vocals (especially in the bridge) that just is fabulous. The communication is emotive, heavy, burdened, and it surely frames how we feel, when we are down.

But up is the only way, after any kind of depression.

And it’s the nay-sayers that should fire up your belly, taking in constructive criticisms, then spitting out the charred remains out into the world, to be criticized once more.

For the skin gets thicker with every attempt.

For the sword gets sharper with another session.

Consolation can be a part of the route. But wipe your tears, and drink more coffee. It’s go time.

Ain’t it always?

‘Don’t Believe Them’ is off of their new Album ‘Fear No Giant’, out now.



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