The Angry Abbys ‘Moscow Mitch’ : Delectable mix of unpolished Punk and radio-friendly current-era Rock.

The Angry Abbys

San Francisco DIY punk rockers The Angry Abbys are back with a vengeance: they’re kicking out the punk protest jams and taking (politicians’) names! In addition to the band’s tried-and-true DIY garage punk sound, these scathing lyrics get to the core of exposing one particular political super-villain.

“In an age when the American political body increasingly becomes ignorant, illiterate and vulgar, it is up to the art scene to call them out on their shit,” explained drummer/vocalist Christopher Campbell.

In addition to wearing their hearts on their sleeves politically, The Angry Abbys members are, at their core, straightforward, good-time-seeking Rock ‘n’ Rollers, effortlessly concocting a delectable mix of unpolished Punk and radio-friendly current-era Rock.

The band’s live shows are riotous affairs, encouraging celebration – while mastering the fine line between raising awareness and preaching – and demonstrating its affinity for its musicians’ collective home of San Francisco.

Added lead bassist/vocalist Ellen Frankel: “While our name suggests we are angry – and we ARE angry! – playing music makes us happy, and, simply put, we hope our music makes our audiences happy, too.”


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