The Anix (feat. GXG) ‘Parasite’ : Invigorating. Industrial. Future-now.

The Anix

‘Parasite’ featuring GXG, is a futuristic good time. If your kind of good time means you’re flying into a black hole of sounds and immediately satisfied to the hilt, that is.

The machine directive of this single, is thoroughly invigorating, as it drives industrial electronica with the thrilling vibes of synthwave-outrun edges. The atmospheric composition while understated vocals drift in and out for a haunting and deceptively aggressive piece.

The song is out now from independent future rock label FiXT and is the latest from The Anix on the path toward his upcoming album, ‘Graphite’.

The Anix is the electronic-rock project of Los Angeles composer / producer Brandon Smith. Combining his love of cinematic sci-fi, anime and comic books with synthesizers, electronic programming, alternative rock, powerful vocal hooks and anthemic choruses, The Anix creates a visionary future of art and music.

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