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The Arcadian Wild // A Fragile Tomorrow // Caleb Harris // Alex Dunaway // Croom

The Arcadian Wild – Silence, A Stranger

The world turns again at ‘Silence, A Stranger’ chorus. The world is good again at the chorus. With dynamic vocals bringing forth, a vastness of inner peace and promise of tranquility, THE ARCADIAN WILD’s single drives 90’s indie-rock and folk emotions in a beautiful pattern of colors. The trio consisting of Lincoln Mick, Sarah Wood, and Isaac Horn, hollows out those cluttered corners of your mind, and cleanses with beautiful fiddle and empathetic acoustic optimistic play of the acoustic. Melodies, harmonies, un-apologetic telling of stories, mark this fabulous single. A satisfying indulgence in witnessing of a well constructed touch on a soul.

A Fragile Tomorrow – Circling

Being swept away by the wave of sounds emanating from A FRAGILE TOMORROW is both shocking in a way, and delectable. In ‘Circling’, that kind of awe and jaw drop surprise, is unexpected and curt. The driving instrumentals frame the fast pace of the single, but drape your mind with a ‘freeing’ kind of personable existence, which makes you scratch your head in confusion. That confusion, however, is because of the ‘freshness’ of the chords and delivery of this ultimately satisfying journey, provided by the band from South Carolina. The trepidation forged in lyrics and communicated through the progressive musical framing, keeps the interest at peak. As the sweeping continues, we regret the end of the journey and end of the song. Look out for the band’s upcoming album ‘Generation Loss’.

Caleb Harris – The Reasons I Fear

Cornish indie-folk singer/songwriter brings us a delectable single named ‘The Reasons I Fear’. The enthusiastically captivating lyrical patronage of the soul, keeps the hearts aflutter, as the chords ripe with feelings and emotions. Based in Brighton UK, the fabulousness of his single comes at the prodigious gumption of his arrangement style and vocal stylings. CALEB HARRIS’ vocals is country-mature, with a tinge of nostalgia and salutary hope towards the future that could be. The ending combination is beautiful to hold on to.

Alex Dunaway – Strange Things

Southern Californian singer/songwriter ALEX DUNAWAY wants you to listen to her story. And that story begins with her – a soul that’s searching for meanings of the little and the big. In ‘Strange Things’ she sends out a beautiful signal of exquisite acceptance and perpetual discussions of exploration that keeps her emotional heart beating. She wants you to be with her, enjoying the pangs of relationships, regrets, self-doubt, self-assurance, and ultimate rise. Alex’s lyrical work is just beautifully crafted, and when amplified with her very expressive vocal tone, there’s just a very consuming power that can be felt. The undertow of life, is thwarted, one step at a time with her help. ‘Strange Things’ is her 2nd single release. Look for even bigger things in 2019 for the songstress.

Croom – Stardust

With the help of Amakiya on this ethereal single ‘Stardust’, CROOM (Adrian Croom) delivers a synth-laden cavalcade of marches, towards an impending setting sun. Or is he? The down bass work of the over-arching dark-crooning by Amakiya, rounds out the digital frame-scape of CROOM’s ever perpetual and incessant reminders in the self, and the relationship, without. The Austin Texas based veteran keeps his audience in a brutal trance of notable subjects, while blending narratives of aggressive passions at bay. For a time, at least. Look for even more collaborations in 2019, as he sets out to mark even more milestones.


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