The Asbury Park Love Contingent covers ‘Lay Down (Candles in the Rain) by Melanie Safka : Statement for the coming hopes.

'Lay Down'

Singer-songwriter Karen Mansfield and producer Steve Greenwell (Joss Stone) gathered local musicians from the Asbury Park, NJ music scene during pandemic lockdown to record a song written in 1970 by Melanie Safka.

Their collaboration is called The Asbury Park Love Contingent, and their single “Lay Down/Candles in in the Rain” brings much needed love, light and positive inspiration during these dark and difficult days. It’s a love bomb!!

Straight on, singalong rock, ‘Lay Down’ is represented with fervor through the energies and efforts of The Asbury Park Love Contingent. Taking on a grand vibe that is uniquely Melanie Safka, this latest iteration, bring to the fore the apropos situation of this early decade, and makes a statement for the coming hopes.

Melanie Safka vision comes through.

Contributing artists were: Karen Mansfield, Emily Grove and Tara Dente (vocals) with Tara Dente, Jack Daley, Mikael Jorgensen, Arlan Feiles, Jules Drucker and Santo Rizzolo.


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