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The Asteroid Shop // Lylak // The National Lights // Datánt // Timber

The Asteroid Shop – Vanished

THE ASTEROID SHOP flies in the face of a comet deep in the grapple of a planetary system. “There. Right there. Do you see the new planet we just found?” In ‘Vanished’ TAS continues their indie-rock drenched Nashville rock n’ roll, driving the intent of a notion of mind and soul, while playing hard-to-get with obsidian guitar shimmer. Project of Eric Brendo, the band kills and then salubriously mends the heart. Watch the comet cometh.

Lylak – What We Have

LYLAK consists of artists Gideon Maki (Guitar/ Vocals), Zach Martin (Drums/ Percussion), Elizabeth Varnado (Violin/ Vocals/ misc), Paul Varnado (Keyboards/ Bass). And in ‘What We Have’, their experiences are spoken through with practicality and resounding empathy for the grander scheme of a relationship. Trust, love, understanding, and knowing that this situation is just a blip. “Love is love. We can work it out.” Beautiful song. Beautiful sentiments.

The National Lights – The Whaleship Essex

THE NATIONAL LIGHTS is a band you want on the side of you. The beautifully sung single ‘The Whaleship Essex’ devoutly shouts out to our core, to scream out about the band’s methods of story telling. You’re wisked away to dream land, as the hypnotizing rattle of the snare, works with the accordion sensibilities. The Poughkeepsie, New York based band is Jacob Thomas Berns’ project for love, hope, and folk harmonics. Chris Kiehne and Sonya Cotton, round out the band to inspire our outlook and ambitions.

Datánt – Poppy Romance

‘Poppy Romance’ ruptures the senses reserved for those gloomy days when you wanted to travel down to the desert. If ruptured, what can you do? What then? This is what you do – run. Run like dang. And when you run, try to remember the goodness proposed by this innocently presented and deliciously harmonious indie aesthetic. Makes you smile right? Yep. The chorus is ‘magnifique’. Get in. The desert air is dry and you’re invited to the romance.

Timber – Shuttlecock

TIMBER is a band of two musicians, Janet Simpson and Will Stewart. With Nashville based attitudes, the combined efforts of the duo marks a tremendous sonic leap. The understated baritone, reminiscent of Linda Ronstadt’s own lower range and signature, Janet’s vocals soar, without trying. The outcome is a beautiful and calm maelstrom of harmonies that clicks.


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