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The Astronots Share New Single ‘Are We Living’. Modern New Wave Rock, No Shenanigans.

Gorgeous hooks, beautiful beats, and a modern retro style that ‘hits’ the right spots. Right ‘there’. Yep. Right over ‘there’. Right above the stomach – that deep pit of the gut. THE ASTRONOTS’ single ‘Are We Living’ is what you do when you wanna open your bedroom window in your suburban neighborhood, then jump on the roof, and climb on down to the next rock bar.

Meet your boyfriend there.

Rebel by rockin’ and rollin’.

Drink some beers.

Then kiss the one you love.

On that floor.

Until dawn.

It’s go time!

This is a happening single, and we think we should (at CHF) take out the leather jackets (which we don’t have) and dance like nut bars.

So fun.

Allee Fütterer, Niko Giaimo and Eddie Campbell make up this fab band, and there’s no ‘backsies’.

Their album is coming this way, and we can’t wait to try the clutch.

Kudos, gang. Kudos!



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