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The Audiots Share ‘Dumb Love’. “Let’s take a ride.”

Off of their upcoming new album, the gang in THE AUDIOTS make sentimental rock come alive with this nostalgic and groovy single ‘Dumb Love’.

With idealistic and delicious bass lines and luscious guitar solo that just fits like a glove in this single’s context, deliver that kind of rock that is accessible, relatable, but resonates with enough gumption and attitude that we listeners deserve.

From Arctic Monkeys to The Strokes, the band is inspired by the oddly attractive, the galactic intuitions of notes, and a can-do supposition towards that enigmatic and warranted vision for candor.

The four friends who are based out of Los Angeles makes their kind of music, and it’s fab.

The band consists of Nelson Barahona (Bass), Stevie Greenberg (Drums), Isaac Kahn (Vocals, Guitar), and Ignacio Vargas (Vocals, Guitar).

They’ve released just a handful of singles and an EP since 2016. But we think there should be much, much more.

Let’s take a ride with THE AUDIOTS.



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