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The Away Days // JPEGMAFIA // Fell Runner // FEVRMOON // Grace Gillespie

The Away Days – Designed

Istanbul-based dream pop duo THE AWAY DAYS share ‘Designed’. Oğuz Can Özen and Sezer Koç are the hearts behind the project. And as the duo delivers the shiver behind your neck with soaring vocals and ultra-emotional lyrics, ‘Designed’ will capture you and cast you to another dimension of what could have been. The delightful 80’s coming-of-age vibe is beautifully done. And there’s no denying this fact, as you listen and clasp tightly to your own personal memories in disaster and overcoming the walls of limitations. Heightened words, matched with scintillating presentation, are effectively and impact-fully gorgeous in ‘Designed’.

JPEGMAFIA – “The Who” (video – IHC 1NFINITY)

JPEGMAFIA said: “‘The Who’ is one of the last songs I recorded for Veteran. It didn’t end up on the album, but I always wanted to use it in a creative way because I really enjoy the song. There’s an innocence to it that I hope is relatable to people. I made the beat naked.” Nothing really else to add, really. For the song stands by itself, with unrelenting toughness and thoughtfulness, as it traverses on its journey of discovery. Just like all of us. In this unfair world.

Fell Runner – Same Way

Off of their latest album ‘Talking’ comes FELL RUNNER’s single ‘Same Way’. An inquisitive, opera of noise and notes, the perplexing roll of visions, collide with the calm and collected vocals. Made up of Steven van Betten, Gregory Uhlmann, Marcus Högsta, and Tim Carr, the uber-talented quartet plays with the winds of creativity, as certain as the turning of this giant planet. The grand vibes are attainable and succulent, as ‘Same Way’ wholly reduces the non-contextual into a delightful folk-dance under the dancing stars. Charm is in order, and FELL RUNNER does that to a tee.

FEVRMOON – Mountain of Dreams

Jon Weston is FEVRMOON. And producer Anton Patzner stated best: “The lyrics from this song were taken directly from a shamanic journey that Jon experienced. Shortly after we started our project and made our first song, Jon got really into spiritual stuff and started exploring all kind of spiritual journeying, with and without psychedelics. It’s an inner journey, made with the eyes closed. When Jon came in to my studio write on this song he had just been on a really deep journey the day before and all of the imagery in this song (nature, spirit animals) comes directly from that. It’s a journey of rebirth. Having known Jon before our project and knowing him now, he really has opened up in an amazing way. He used to be really shy and self conscious and now he’s very open and ready to share himself. I think the journeying and music were both a big part of his awakening.” Word.

Grace Gillespie – My Love Surreal

We’d stated about GRACE GILLESPIE in a prior review: “[Grace] has a purity in music that you want to get to know. Grace’s un-tiring lyrics are gems. Simply that. The word exercise is a master class of talent and we just can’t get enough. The London based artist/producer has been charming audiences for a long while and with influences from folk, psyche, and dream-pop, she provides her own kind of canvas where nothing restricted.” She can turn on a dime, with the style that she evokes. But the charm from her vocals just never turns off, as they seduce with unrelenting gentleness and understanding. It’s no different with ‘My Love Surreal’. Dig it.


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